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Allstate Exclusive Agent independent contractors have an economic interest in the customer accounts they develop under their agency agreement with the Company. They may sell their economic interest to an Allstate-approved buyer when their agency relationship with the Company ends. Allstate retains ownership of the book of business.

The following agencies are offered for sale by Allstate Exclusive Agents. Please note that Allstate is not a party to the agency sale, nor does Allstate participate in the agency valuation, sale negotiation or terms of the sale process. It is recommended that you consult with your attorney, tax advisor, and other professionals before entering into an agreement to purchase an agency from an existing Allstate Exclusive Agent.

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Allstate Exclusive Agents are Independent Contractors, not employees of Allstate. Allstate Exclusive Agencies are not franchises.
* Subject to the terms and conditions of the R3001 agency agreement.

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